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The wellness industry generates over 24 billion dollars annually. More than 65% of patients are currently taking supplements. Only 10% of physicians are comfortable recommending them. How can you integrate Wellness Solutions into your practice?
Contact us to request a free 10-15 minute phone consultation. A Wellness Business Presentation at your location is tailored to your goals. Scheduled events are listed below. 
We look forward to speaking with you,
Barbara Marquette, NutraMetrix Medical Marketing Consultant, Nutritionist, CNS, MS
Jeanine C. Jackson, NutraMetrix Medical Marketing Consultant

Interested in learning more?

The following webinar links provide you with the ability to register for an introduction to nutraMetrix. 


Visit www.meeton.com<http://www.meeton.com/> and look for the nutraMetrix channel for recorded and live videos, including product education, marketing support and much more. For further information, please contact your nutraMetrix Consultant (NC), Jeanine C Jackson: 203-845-9031, jeaninecjackson@gmail.com, WellnessBizSolutions.com